The Company

About us:

STINGbye is a young and innovative brand specializing in protection against vectors.

Backed by our more than 20 years of experience in textile industry, we can guarantee you the high-quality and efficiency of all of our products.
Over the years, we have been moving forward with the objective of conceiving items to enhance wellness, protection and answer to our clients’ needs.

Our Research on Protection against Vectors:
We all are aware of the health risks that accompany vectors bites (mosquitos, bedbugs, head lice, ticks, etc.). That is why STINGbye has committed itself to conduct various studies in order to design a piece of clothes that would be able to protect us efficiently from bug bites.

And so, after a long period of testing, doing analysis and conducting various studies, we have now launched our STINGbye anti-vector T-shirts, offering a proven protection against various vectors.

Our mission:
To offer an innovative anti-vectors textile product to everyone interested in fighting against this huge worldwide problem.

Our quality policy:
STINGbye focuses on achieving high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our products comply with all standards and regulations, such as:

.Certificate of Quality
.Guarantee of Effectiveness.
.Repellent Testing, and related studies (see Research tab).

Both our success and leadership in the anti-mosquito protection industry are due to the high-efficiency of our worldwide unique product. The product has been proven efficiency, endorsed by a highly-positive feedback from our customers.
We are glad to invite you to visit our website, so to get more information about our product, its scientific basis, and our clothes; feel free to experience our highly-efficient products, your purchase will give you 100% satisfaction.

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