Textiles offering protection against vectors of disease

Textiles offering protection against vectors of disease

STINGbye is a company founded in Barcelona, Spain.

We are dedicated to the 100% “Made in Spain” manufacturing of fabrics and textile garments.

We have developed an innovative new line of fabrics which offer protection against mosquitoes and other disease vectors - a unique product which makes use of the best European technology.

Our products offer protection and well-being to anyone who comes in contact with insects such as mosquitoes, lice, ticks, bedbugs…among others.

Our products have guaranteed quality and proven effectiveness.

Our products have been tested and approved as Class I (baby) textiles. They are also bio-compatible according to the ITV Cytotoxicity Test.

Where to buy STINGbye products

STINGbye products contribute towards maintaining and improving health by preventing contagious diseases. STINGbye products can be found in pharmacies where you will also be able to receive professional answers to your any questions you may have about how to properly use our products.

If you do not live in proximity to a pharmacy which carries STINGbye products, you can always order them online through Amazon by following this link: amazon

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