Why using STINGbye T-shirts?

Knowing how dangerous and/or annoying vectors bites can be is the best reason to start using STINGbye anti-vector T-shirts and getting protected.


They do not emit any kind of odor and are pleasant to the touch.

They are anti-allergic and do not cause irritations.

The product is inserted into the fabric and not directly on the skin. There is no need to repeat the treatment.

Estimated lifespan of up to 100 washes in regular washing machine; it is not recommended to use drying machine.

Proven Effective.

Quality Guaranteed.

Instructions for Use:

Suitable from babies to seniors.

Very suitable for children, in daily activities or at night when sleeping; the repellent also keeps head lice away, which is very important for school-aged children.

Public Safety Officers in areas affected by vectors.

Agriculture and Outdoor Jobs.

River and Outdoor sports.

Hunters and Fishermen.

Provides Health Protection to people working in Research, Health Services, or Biologic and Epidemiologic infections.

People living in areas where mosquitoes and vectors are circulating.

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